VizStack A framework to help you use your GPUs


VizStack is a young project. Before deploying VizStack, you may be interested in who are using VizStack. This page lists sites which are using VizStack.

If you are a VizStack user, please let us know how you are using VizStack. We'd be glad to include your details here, and hopefully that would help other people move onto VizStack too ! Please contact the VizStack user ( mailing list with the details.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation(CSIRO, website: is Australia's national science agency and one of the largest and most diverse research agencies in the world.

CSIRO are deploying a series of prototype multiscreen visualisation systems to visualise very large, complex scientific datasets and to facilitate real-time research collaboration around those datasets. CSIRO are also deploying a high-end remote visualisation server allowing scientists to visualise their data directly from their own desktops.

VizStack is being used to allocate GPU resource for users on these systems and to manage the tiled screen configuration. It is being trialled as one component of a visualisation software stack which also includes VirtualGL and TurboVNC.

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