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VizStack 1.1-3 Released

I'm pleased to announce VizStack release 1.1-3. Download it NOW from SourceForge.

This release is primarily a bug-fix release.

  • VizStack now works well with SLURM version 2.10 and later. Release 1.1-2 used to result in jobs not being cleaned up properly, and SSM crashes after a while
  • Fixed issue in the resource allocator
  • Configure script now works on single GPU machines installed with SuSE Linux
  • Included functionality that was missing in 1.1-2 : clip_last_block for tiled displays.
  • Various other small changes to code and documentation

This release also includes one enhancement : viz-paraview can now use shared GPUs for parallel rendering. This is useful in the common case where the GPU rendering load for a model is much smaller compared to generation of the rendering commands. So, you can now put your many multi-core processors to use. VizStack will share the GPUs with multiple rendering processes, and configure ParaView for offscreen rendering. This should maximize your GPU and system utilization.

I'd highly recommend users of VizStack 1.1-2 to consider shifting to this release. All it takes is a package removal & package installation on all the nodes and you will be up and running !

Contributors for this release:

  • Peter Tyson (CSIRO): Found the interoperability issue with SLURM 2.10, and suggested the fix.
  • Simon Fowler (CSIRO): Pointed out the missing clip_last_block functionality and the bad merge
  • Wolfgang Dehn(HP): Found a SLURM nodelist expansion issue
  • Paul Melis : helped correct documentation.
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